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Who We Are


I've never heard that word...what does it mean?

Acroscopic is defined by as "Toward or facing the apex". ( ). 

A term mostly used in Botany, we believe it perfectly illustrates our vision and capability of helping others reach their peak (apex).

Acro is used as a prefix of other words to express being sharp, pointed, extremity or peak. ).

Scopic is best defined for our use by as "To be accurate, precise, exact in action, or demonstrate extreme skill". ( ).


Our Brand and What it Means

AcroScopics was formally organized in April, 2018, but has been a vision of the owner, David L. Perkins for many years. We chose the name AcroScopics as it best expresses our vision of helping others professionally, and sometimes personally, to reach their peak.

As a Florida LLC, AcroScopics, LLC is a new Business Consulting firm formed by David L. Perkins and is based in Sarasota, Florida. Our goal is to work with business owners and non-profits that need help with any and all aspects of their business operations with the goal to help them reach their peak performance. Regardless of whether an organization wants to optimize toward peak performance or an owner wants to prepare to sell, pass on their business, or become an absentee owner, the path to the peak is the same, and we can help you get there.

In addition, we are beginning the process to become licensed again in the State of Florida as a Real Estate Salesperson as we will also be offering Business Brokering services. More details on that to come as we complete that process.

With experience in both for profit and non-profit organizations, we specialize in new company start-ups and new positions within existing companies. To learn more about us and what we can do to help you reach your peak, go to our Contact page and fill out the form. We'll be happy to get right back to you.