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New Business Startup CONSULTATION

Starting a business today could not be easier, but did you know that most small businesses fail within the first five years and many are gone before the end of their 2nd year. We specialize in business start-ups that already have an end goal of selling the business at some point in the future with our Value Builder System.

We can assist you with formation, staffing, position descriptions, organization and pay structures, process, procedure and key metric development, accounting, chart of accounts design for optimal reporting and KPI measurement, budgeting, internal controls and security, risk management, systems design and hardware./software systems.

Accounting Services

We provide accounting services and training on a contract basis to small & mid-size businesses both in house and remotely primarily with QuickBooks. Whether AP/AR/PR to bank reconciliations, monthly reporting, cash flow and budgeting, working with your CPA or bank, we can assist you with all your accounting needs.

Fast Growing/Highly Profitable Company Consultation

If your business has taken off and you have hit a "ceiling", we can assist you in breaking through that ceiling and getting your business to the next level. 


If you're working hard, but you just can't seem to get ahead...and you're wondering where your next dollar is coming from or how to stop the bleeding, we can help you understand what you must do to dig yourself out of that hole you're in.

Systems Design & Process Improvement Services

Most businesses have areas where improvements can be made to increase productivity without having to hire additional staff. We specialize in utilizing Excel VBA and other systems to streamline issues with Accounts Payables and have unique systems for automating 1099 Contractors Pay and can develop customized systems to pay 1099 Contractors every day for the work performed that day. Who doesn't like that?

Data Integration & Automation Services

Do you have two or more software systems that don't really talk to each other? We can help with data export and import systems to automate processes that you pay people to do for you, costing you much more money, less productivity and open to errors.

Custom Bonus Pay System Design

Want to get the most from your Sales people or want to motivate other team members to sell for you? We design pay systems with bonuses for performance. We can design a system for your company today that will motivate your team members to be more responsive and proactive to sell your products.

Fractional CFO/Interim C-Level Solutions

Are you a smaller company that can't afford a full time C-Level Officer, but large enough that the work is getting to be too much? We can step in on either a short or longer term basis to provide the expertise and services of a C-Level Officer without the often prohibitive costs. Whether as a fractional CFO, or interim CEO (especially in the event of sudden illness or death), we are here to help.

The Franchise Way

Whether a franchise or not, the systems, policies and procedures of a Franchise are very helpful even if you aren't a franchise. Most businesses can benefit from utilizing the systems that a Franchise follows without have to pay a Franchise Fee. Let us help you put the best of what Franchising has to offer in place in your business.

Change Management/Personnel Assessment Solutions

If you are a business owner that needs to make a change, but have concerns about making those changes, we can step in to make the needed change happen so you aren't the "bad guy". There are many reasons why you may want to bring in an "outside" person who can review staff, make recommendations for change, and if needed, make those changes for you. Sometimes the path to success means helping those that can't or won't be able to take you there find a better opportunity to utilize their gifts and talents...even if that means it won't be with you.

Precious Metals & Collectables Purchasing Services

We have been investing in Precious Metals for many years now and work with others to find and purchase exceptional collectible precious metals and graded coins. Ask us about the different programs we offer. Check out our new Collectibles Services page.